God bless us all.

At the end of every year, when the new year's coming, I can stop but looking back of what the past 365 days have brought. Regretting most than being proud of it. Some asks me to not do that but to focus on what is ahead. Plan for the future, he said.

The problem is I don't plan.

2010 was a year. And so do 2011.

Happy new year. God bless.

Drive, party, drink, eat, pray, love and fuck safely.


little ain said...

a bittersweet year.

2011, please be good to me.

a very new year you too.
may God bless you.
may joy and happiness comes in abundance.

Hellioz said...

fuck safely.
thats the message.


shakinah said...

Drive persona, party, drink and eat popcorn.

Judiene said...

Happy New Year to you dude!
Have a great year ahead!


geeds said...

well same case here for me.

p is an g said...

aaaah (;

Razman said...

durex for safety

Bella Luna said...

hoping that i can drive the fucking manual car is my fucking plan now.

ahaaa. fuck it.

dont plan though, let the plan went unplanned. hello, :)