Sex, dreams and jeans.. X Bookwriting season.

One day, when I decided to publish a book of mine, on the day when the book launching event was taking place, at that time, when every eyes were waiting for my reply and every hearts were beating the shit out of their own pulse, for one simple question, one; "Why the fuck that I finally decided to write a fucking book?"

"I can't stand watching those idiot making a fool of you people." said me.


Twenty six and counting.

Happy birthday to me.

Yes, I am celebrating my twenty six birthday last Friday. So how did I celebrate it? By watching a movie in an almost empty hundred and fourty eight seats cinema.


I don't know if you guys already had you eyes on the movie or not but I felt kind of somehow related into it, straight after I had my ass hit the comfy seat. It was few minutes after the movie started when there is this scene in the bar where the two Hoopers were disagreeing on each other's life. Actually it was the elder telling the younger to grow up and be a fucking man.

On his birthday, generally. And on my my birthday, specifically.

No, my brother wouldn't do that. We would rather talks about football matches than to interfere on each other personal life. Seriously. OK, leave it.

You know one thing that I love about Hollywood products is how in every movies they produced, they never failed to present their audience with this inspiring cum motivation concepts. The likes of how a total loser can suddenly become a world saver. The from zero to a hero thingy.

And so, I inspired.

Now, when will the aliens land here? Should I join the fucking navy first?


For that few sex.. seconds.

Street demonstrations was a bit of football, here and then. It's seasonal. Yes, you can shout of how much you were against the price hiking, jeers on the inefficient government that we've inherited for how long?, harshly criticized all the politicians that we currently had, today. Only to find out that we, on the very next evening, were sitting on the same seat as we were yesterday, languishing the sweetness of the teh tarik.

Enjoying the beautiful football played on the fourty inch light-emitting diode television.

And oh, another defeat. Expected as it always are.


The god and the dog.

In a world where two ways communication is very much dependable, I found it stupid when hitting those prick on the social networking site who seem to be living in his or her own world. With less friends to communicate with and surprisingly lots of friends on their back.

Yes, some of them were fucking famous so to listen or to read on others mumbling is a wastes of their precious times. I can't hardly denied that fact. But that fact is actually applied if you were some fucking famous god genius.

Not just another fucking dog, barking at each others, fighting over a tasteless bone for breakfast.


Sex, dream and jeans #8.

I do have another blog. A multi-language blog of which I dedicated it to my superb girlfriend. Where my writings was merely a short story between us two. What we were doing, where we were heading and of everything that is circulating around us. The love.

I suck pretty big in both grammar, be it malay or english. But that wasn't the case, here. My problem is that I tend to start my writing from the back. No, I used to.

I used to write anything I have in mind (the ending) on a piece of paper. And from the ending, up I go until I've come to the introduction part. Then only I edit it. You know, keep of what I feel necessary and let go of what I feel not.

And the norm in my writing was much of like this; start-coffee break-fifa twelve-twittering-take a shower-reply sms and stop. For two hours and start again.

That is how.

So if you guys were kind of lost while reading or going through my post, you don't have to worry. Because believe me, I am facing that similar problem, or may be worst, trying my hard to finish it.

Ah and one more thing.

The fact that I am still hiding behind that guy with a butterfly wing profile picture is no longer relevant when I believe some of you people already got a look at this so super not cool dude on my other part of the social networks.

I should seriously give a thought on retirement.


Table for two.

To be on your back, going every where around the world, doing what you like must be the ultimate dream that every human being should dreamed of. Far from your usual life and to be untied with all the bonding that you previously had. Ah. I really don't prefer commitments. Not before I reached all the spots I've mark in my little black map.

I kept that promise to myself thorough my diploma's day only to be broken when I bumped myself with this immatured girl in my degree's math class.

The solo travelling, the dreams and the promises, I guess it's all beyond my reach now. And regret, I am not.