Twenty six and counting.

Happy birthday to me.

Yes, I am celebrating my twenty six birthday last Friday. So how did I celebrate it? By watching a movie in an almost empty hundred and fourty eight seats cinema.


I don't know if you guys already had you eyes on the movie or not but I felt kind of somehow related into it, straight after I had my ass hit the comfy seat. It was few minutes after the movie started when there is this scene in the bar where the two Hoopers were disagreeing on each other's life. Actually it was the elder telling the younger to grow up and be a fucking man.

On his birthday, generally. And on my my birthday, specifically.

No, my brother wouldn't do that. We would rather talks about football matches than to interfere on each other personal life. Seriously. OK, leave it.

You know one thing that I love about Hollywood products is how in every movies they produced, they never failed to present their audience with this inspiring cum motivation concepts. The likes of how a total loser can suddenly become a world saver. The from zero to a hero thingy.

And so, I inspired.

Now, when will the aliens land here? Should I join the fucking navy first?


Larasephia said...

Happy 26th Birthday Mr Cool.

Stay cool and keep pretending you're super not cool coz thats what make you the coolest dude (at least to my eyes)

aisya- said...

HB, never knew you're 26th. thought u were much more younger.

Camy Alya said...

25 april. just like my mum.

happy birthday :)

balqissy said...

Yeah, keep that in mind, bro. You might need it when you have a son or sons( daughters as well) later on. well, i am obviously imagine it to myself tho. haha

p/s: belated birthday greetings, Mr. hyperhero(self-proclaimed, isn't it?) May Allah bless,insyaAllah.