The four elements.

As always my Sunday never start before the clock ticked past twelve.

I got out of bed, half-naked, going for the towel hanging at the end of my six foot closet. I was thinking of having a hot cup of tea to warm myself of the coldness from the non-stop raining outside. But first thing first, I should grab myself a long and nice shower.

Urghh! Shivering as I dropped my black boxer onto the floor.

You see here, I always prefer to sleep or to bath with no clothes on. I love it. I enjoyed both when the cold-number-five-ceiling-fan-breeze and the icy cool water washed over my nude. Wishing that it would somehow help in cleansing all the sins I've done on the previous day.

Earth, wind, fire and water.

I rest my case.


Because it's going and it's going and it's going and it's gone.

People have the tendency to big things up. Especially when it's a bad one.

I've done that. During my school time, I used to get proud of every classes I skipped. Or maybe every Subuh prayer I successfully escaped without getting caught by the warden. I grown up idolizing some fuck-face-bad-ass-senior I dare not have a handshake with.

I got a mate who never stop telling us how genius he is to get away with no charge after got caught liquoring with some friends during his diploma days.

Fucking annoyed, I draw a comparison between us. Me at the age of fifteen years old, doing bad things and never get myself caught while he, at the age of twenty one, doing bad things and got caught.

So to call him a genius, I fucking doubt that.

Nowadays when it come to encounter news on the newspaper I have created my own method of reading. I look at the picture first. Interesting? Then I read the title. Related? Now the article. And yeah, always start from the back.

Same it goes when I wasn't in a healthy state of condition. I start by feeling my body temperature. Hot? Then I'll take a long shower, grab myself a nice pair of cloth and off to mamak.

Cool? Then I off to mamak, fucking straight away.

I think I just put myself a level ahead of others in the way of thinking and on how I lived my life. I am at one point where Afdhlin Shauki glamorous joke was no longer my best medicine. Where a hand-job alone could never satisfy my urging desire.

I now declared destruction as my biggest ever achievement. And that is how I end my January.


They teach me how to be happy, yet, they hate me when I laugh.

It was waiting for the lift going down looking for some panadol activefast when I heard these two ladies talks about how their colleague now showing them her true color. They joke about that she's now even has a tiger-look-a-like stripe.


I chuckled on that only for the two of them swing their head around flashing me an ugly smile.

Sure. They already ugly even without that smile. Bad people is. This is not some kind of movie where those villain slut are way hotter than the main act. This is when the villains got jealous of the heroin's beauty and starts doing bad things to her. This is what we called a reality.

This is life.

And the fact that these two ladies is bitching about someone on what I won't presume a wonderful morning make them look even uglier. Bad-der.

Just now, a fat middle-aged Chinese lady run into my office noising about something I don't understand that I don't even fucking care. She burst into the HR office arguing in a mandarin words with Ain, our smokin hot HR staff. Quite a fucked-up scene.

I just took a quick glance as I don't need much time to figure out who is good and who is not.


FTSNC social responsibilty.

Since I can't really remember the last time I exchange my one ringgit note for a pack of tissue with some unlucky fellas, I decide of doing some good deeds.

Coming this February, if I do have an extra money, I am thinking of giving my readers some gift with no fucking contest require. Still haven't made up my mind of how the lucky reader will be pick but it's going to be a top with FTSNC printing all over it.

Fine. Not fucking all over it. Just a few word, a picture and yeah, it's going to be ugly.

So fucking wait, Off.


I miss my mom.

When my younger sister decided to leave the house looking for work rather than staying with my mother, I can't stop but worrying. I don't blame my sis. She was young and she deserve some stand-on-her-own-feet life experiences. Cash for her still outstanding driving license bills.

It's mom. With my sis leaved for Putrajaya last weekend, mom is now all by herself. Alone.

So now mom can watch her favourite Nona's program every Sunday without disturbance. She can tune on to Chef Wan's AFC at any time she prefer. She don't have to waste her time nagging at us sibling early in the morning so that we will get up and perform the Subuh prayer.


I am three and a half hours away from her. And god how I hate that.


Refactoring facts.

The fact that I write and all my girlfriends and boyfriends were reading my shit afterward was never an interesting one. Especially when I do talks about them. And I cursed, a lot off course.

If you was to clarify something that you think you'll never be sure of, don't! Or else you will sound like some dude got confused by his own sexual orientation.

"So dude, are you gay?"
"Nope. But I love man."

And yeah, you have to be gay to be fabulous.

The fact that I hate breaking people's heart doesn't mean I can't fucking break one. You wasn't my first and you of all people should know well.

I am writing as a no brainer but please, fucking note this will ya?


Along the whoring streets.

When you see thing, it's either you see the beautiful part or the ugly side of it. Both of you then will start voicing your honest opinion. And both of you will try your hardest to cancel out each other.

In My Honest Opinion? Yeah. Fuck off.


Ready for the fall : The do's and dont's.

I've spent a number of note for my new jacket. Still there are skinny jeans, a couple of tee's and a denim shirt left on my new year list. The breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper are all quite a costly too.

So I made my count.

If I was going to go on spending like this, I will only last for a month before I started ringing my sibling looking for a 'loan'. Pathetic but that won't be such a problem. And if I too continue consuming the same amount and type of food which I recently do, I'll double my weight before valentine. A hundred something kilos fat ass and damn!! that is a huge problem.

But no worries. I've come up with the solution already.

I'll spent my money to the max this month. Freely. I'll buy what I want. I'll run into any fast food I seen. So next month, when I'm officially declared broke and becoming extraordinary BIG, I'll start having the diet program.

Two MYR 0.60 gardenia breads for breakfast, no lunch and a roti kosong or roti telur for dinner. No fucking fast food for month and we'll see from there.

Fuck. I am such a genius.


Guess you are God when...

You ask someone not to do this but to do that.

And by asking someone not to do that but to do this, I'll expect you yourself is one hell of perfection masterpiece motherfucker. Or maybe close to. Come and tell me those instant noodle I'm checking out is doubtful of its illegality but hey, unless you go and buy me a goddamn Spicy McChicken for my lunch, I'll then surely give your bullshit a consideration.

And a large cup of Coke, please.

Yeah. I am God, myself. Just get the fuck out of here if you don't fucking believe me.


Rules #3 : Hungering for perfection.

When you're in a fucking relationship, every bitches passing by seem so (too) attractive than whom sitting right in front of you. As those bitches are fuckable at all time. Always.

Yet, this is just an honest opinion from a single lust homo sapiens.

Nine? You gotta be kidding me.


Sex, dream and jeans #2.

I hate going (again) for what I once achieved.

During my football manager session, when my lappy decided to show me a 'not responding' sign and the need of playing the match that I've played before appear, didn't matter if the outcome is better than the previous one, I can do nothing but stop playing.

I know it'll take quite sometime for me to start playing again. And I know the best way to start again is by taking a break.


Sex, dream and jeans #1.

2011 started late for ftsnc.

I felt like losing my passion toward blogging and this ftsnc. How many times my so-called-brilliant thought ended up in the draft and then, the next day, to the bin. That's what always bothering me at the very start of the year. I seemed to lost my words. Last new year it happens and come this January, the same thing occurred.

All this days, passion is what driving me forward. I used to live my life on the passion basis and I am enjoying every moment of it. I can stand playing a football manager stuff for days only to stop when I was already worn out or when I'm hungry.


Give me a Sudoku and I'll turn around and start texting my girlfriend before you even make it to ten.