They teach me how to be happy, yet, they hate me when I laugh.

It was waiting for the lift going down looking for some panadol activefast when I heard these two ladies talks about how their colleague now showing them her true color. They joke about that she's now even has a tiger-look-a-like stripe.


I chuckled on that only for the two of them swing their head around flashing me an ugly smile.

Sure. They already ugly even without that smile. Bad people is. This is not some kind of movie where those villain slut are way hotter than the main act. This is when the villains got jealous of the heroin's beauty and starts doing bad things to her. This is what we called a reality.

This is life.

And the fact that these two ladies is bitching about someone on what I won't presume a wonderful morning make them look even uglier. Bad-der.

Just now, a fat middle-aged Chinese lady run into my office noising about something I don't understand that I don't even fucking care. She burst into the HR office arguing in a mandarin words with Ain, our smokin hot HR staff. Quite a fucked-up scene.

I just took a quick glance as I don't need much time to figure out who is good and who is not.


M. Faiz Syahmi said...

what a silentness., your cube is.

MATAHARI said...

its really fun to observe and laugh inside without showing it to them.

geeds said...

agrees with matahari. life is full of drama.

izzad b* said...

ugly in and out, pity

Is said...

tak sukakan drama alam nyata.