The four elements.

As always my Sunday never start before the clock ticked past twelve.

I got out of bed, half-naked, going for the towel hanging at the end of my six foot closet. I was thinking of having a hot cup of tea to warm myself of the coldness from the non-stop raining outside. But first thing first, I should grab myself a long and nice shower.

Urghh! Shivering as I dropped my black boxer onto the floor.

You see here, I always prefer to sleep or to bath with no clothes on. I love it. I enjoyed both when the cold-number-five-ceiling-fan-breeze and the icy cool water washed over my nude. Wishing that it would somehow help in cleansing all the sins I've done on the previous day.

Earth, wind, fire and water.

I rest my case.


geeds said...

its feels good right. i mean the weather. hehe.

Judiene said...

"Urghh! Shivering as I dropped my black boxer onto the floor."
Is it necessary to mention here??
You made me imagine it.
Arghhh! LOL!
By the way, of all the four elements, I prefer wind and water.
But yeah, each and every element need each other.


dish said...