Inter looking ; Black, grey and white.

The best place to actually hear a nonfact story must be at the kedai kopi. Malique spotted this in his 'Cerita Kedai Kopi' hits but giving the fact that I can't find any old skool kedai kopi (as what usually pictured in the malay movie) in the hundred kilometer radius, I won't mind saying mamak stall now is the new urban-type of kedai kopi.

Here, away from the daily arguments with their spouse, guys talk about how disgrace they were of the country's political system. Of their anger when the government decided to hike the oil's price. From how this guy analyzing this young stud to how a beautiful literature was dismissed for it touched the sensitivity of our fellow countrymen.

The Interlock.

Like seriously, what racism is to Malaysians?

So what do you think Encik Karim told Abu during his Biro Tata Negara camp at the Gua Kelam? Go collaborate with non-bumi's because together they can build a better nation. A better future. Fuck no.

Mrs Lim of SRJKC who always remind Ah Keong to go to school and to study hard so that he will someday became a respectable minister and then challenge for the Prime Minister post. Or else those Malay pricks will kick his asses out of this country.

What were Raju thinking when he saw the video of some 'brader-brader' inappropriately scolded and humiliated Mr. Karam Singh Walia for his unappropriated behavior?


As long as I can still got a high-quality-low-price pirate DVD from Ah Keong, my Kelantanese friends pronounced my name the way it is and the way Mutu make my car look like new every morning at the lowest rate of RM15 per month, racism is never my concern.

And oh, since I was never near to the interest of discussing about political thingy, my time at mamak stall always filled with hey-ho chants of celebrating goals and watching some hot chicks passing by with their urban dresses and their urban-type boyfriends. Fuck!

"Aney, teh tarik satu! Tosei satu!"


eima sharipuddin said...

oh cool :D haha racism is just so funny to be talk abt now :P hahaha i mean hey it malaysia :D

Anonymous said...

woha! races r like colours.that makes a unity of different colours unique.

eszol raar said...

everybody is a racist

fuck yes

Askrie Hishamuddin said...

seriously, i love this post.

wahyudimy said...

I may a racist. I even may become a rapist. But seriously, I dont see any point of offending people by jumping all around shouting I'm-a-racist-fuck-yeah line (unless if I want to become a politician, or Abang Pekida).

Judiene said...

We are racist someway or another.