Friday's rambling ; to kill a monsterous mocking bird. Again.

Do you really think that second chance is a must grab? What if there were third, fourth and fifth? Which does bring you a better outcome.

I am talking bout works, experiences and a confuse lad.

I spend most of my day thinking of what I'm going to be next.

This accountancy and banking things never suit me. I can't imagine myself being stuck in an office analyzing papers I can't even understand. I need to get out. To a more adventurous day-to-day job. A thriller. At least more than what I am facing now.

I got easily fell out with the environment. I mean by the surrounding. I got bored more often than ones could think.

I remember this few lines by this singer cum motivator. He said the most important things is to get yourself a qualification. Doesn't matter in what fields you were into so that whenever you were airing out opinions, there were a base people can look upon. That people know that you have this sort of qualification to utter this view.

I, to be honest doing what I do best now, to get mine.

A piece of paper followed by a heart-beating interview, a big congratulation, a good pay, a hot and spicy colleague, a backstabber, a mouthful war with finance department, an MC, a resignation letter and ...

And then I'll go astray.

Yes, we do learn from the experience. But was the first experiences sufficient enough that you can go and pick your own destiny?

I doubt that.


Cik A.i.d.a.n said...

i got bored with accountancy and banking too.

i was thinking exactly like u a year back then.

i used to love accounting once, and now i lose interest and passion at all.

find something you wanna do. not something u forced to do.

think big!


| Larasephia | said...

Nay, the 1st experience is shamefully insufficient. Thats why it is sometimes called the "eye opener".

This is where you get to foresee, to predict what would you have to ENDURE in 5 years if you are to stay in whatever you're doing currently.

If you're doing what you're doing now for less than 3 months and you loathe everything about it, its easy ; pull yourself out of it. Dont stay. Because if you do, you'll suffer much greater (mostly,bad) consequences in the future.

As typical as this may sound to you, I must say it anyway :" Trust me. Ive been there, done exactly that. "

Hellioz said...

payah gak.
try alternative lain.

Crespo said...

Just accept it because we dont know about coming days.

blogger kerek said...

tak kerja susah, kerja pun susah. sigh ~~