The plain malay.

I was against these act of giving kids the 'angpow' design with the mighty Malaysian's ringgit notes. It was like the old ritual of telling them to shush during the night and then go to sleep or else the evil ghost will come and take them to hell.

Plainly speaking, teaching them how to lie.


And I didn't.

It's been a while. I know.

I was too busy with the world. My world. I am slowly becoming what everybody expect of me to be; a good son, a loving brother, a charming boyfriend and hey, a friend. So do pardon me when or if I left too much breathing/forgetting space on this blog.

Plus this stupid broadband seems to not let me view even my fucking blog page. Did they block the 'fuck' word already? I miss the fucking announcement didn't I?

I rarely take a day off. For how long that I live myself here, I never really get a whole completed day for myself. I make the most of myself being in my workplace than neither in my living room nor in my bed.

Today and the day after was a heaven sent for those who were ready to trade their time for money. A greedy me will go for that, a pretty fucking straight away. Hit the buttons and calmly told the old lady that I didn't get a day off.

Yeah yeah. Never teach a damned guy to be a god damn greed. She didn't.

Selamat Hari Raya. God bless us all, may.



It was a fine morning of August 1 when I finally realized of how hard it is to live a man's life.

These two months was fantastic. They would've been the highlight of my life or maybe the best sixty days I've ever had. For some, it was a sitter. A complete waste of time. They said I should have attended those fucking interview and grab myself a fucking fortune.

Because I am now at an age where enjoying life was an absolute taboo. All I need to do is to work hard, make a lot of cash and then get married.

All and all, like I was already a fucking thirty years old stud.

Oh god, I know I should pick a homo life, instead.