It was a fine morning of August 1 when I finally realized of how hard it is to live a man's life.

These two months was fantastic. They would've been the highlight of my life or maybe the best sixty days I've ever had. For some, it was a sitter. A complete waste of time. They said I should have attended those fucking interview and grab myself a fucking fortune.

Because I am now at an age where enjoying life was an absolute taboo. All I need to do is to work hard, make a lot of cash and then get married.

All and all, like I was already a fucking thirty years old stud.

Oh god, I know I should pick a homo life, instead.


geeds said...

those two months has been fantastic for you. and hopefully this month brings more great things to you.
happy fasting! (:

shakinah said...

huyo update blog. menyesal pulak aku tak bet dengan kau siapa paling lama tak update blog dulu.

Fyzal said...

just choose the best for your life brother as long as long it brings all good things. nothing taboo if things are right.

Judiene said...

Good Luck bro!
Wish you all the best.
Happy Ramadhan.


Hellioz said...

gwa baru je nk tanya mana lu hilang.
jap gi pi update.''

dah xde tanda tanya,
dah boleh balik.

| Larasephia | said...

hey man, you're alive?!

work hard, make a lot of cash and get married? wtf! fuck these cheese!

there's more to life!


Pisey said...

Penat aku tunggu entri. Berkat bulan baik, selamat Ramadhan. Stay alive and kicking.