I got myself a work at last. Though it wasn't really what I expected of but for the sake of being a human being and off course of being a human being, I accepted it with open heart.

You see, I always look at every single thing in life as it is happens according to it's flows. As what it was written and with reason.

Things like I was destined to be a punk since I was fourteen. Well, maybe earlier.

But it was on my fourteen birthday that I first have my english cassette. It was this band and it was the blah blah blah album. This trio became my biggest musical influence since then. Up untill in 2005 when I read about the band split-up on some local mag.

It was their front-man who actually leaving. And it didn't took him long to come up with a new band. He formed a new progressive space rock outfits and the stars doesn't look like going to stop shinning on him. His webblog is getting crowded and his footwear company is growing bigger.

He is making a name of himself.

Even when the old band decided to make a comeback and with a new album launching this year, there still talks from the fans of how different he is now compare to him before. They still blame him for the massacre; on his decision to quit the band.

Did he care?

No. Because at that very moment when he decided to quit, he just knows that he was meant to do something bigger.

Next week or so, it's going to be the end of my punk life. There's no more nasi lemak bapok at 4 in the morning. No more Doraisamy's bitches bitching about how hot they were on the dance floor. And no more football on Wednesday morning.

There's just no more nightlife.

But hey, maybe I too was meant for something bigger.


The justice league.

I believe in order to achieve success, we need to let loose of our ego.

In a selected situation where you were a passive smoker whom suddenly fall in love with a girl who smoking is one hell of a problem, the best solution is always to stop. Bent your fucking ego or you loose her.

When you were one step away of being hired and you decided to not to move on from your expected salary on a basis that your abilities worth more than those bucks they're offering. Bent your fucking ego and take the fucking offer.


Congratulation. Look like you going to spend another month in this league of unemployment.

Tolerance my ass.


John Doe.

I went to an event last Weekend. It was a book launching ceremony of not one but two books and a zine of where most of the audiences were either bloggers or students. They also have this independent film maker and this god of troll making an appearance there.

I didn't really keen for the book launch actually but more of having glances at the set of authors available on that day.

So I came, enjoy the performance, get a copy of Nurul Asyikin and left.