So my bos remember my name when I don't remember his.

I'm broadcasting live and secret from my new intern-office. My colleagues were busy talking about some Korean shit while the HR guy is nowhere to be found. Since all the social network site has been blocked in here, do expect me to write more often.

Oi! I said expect, not hope.


Why dildoing when you have me?

The real reason of asking somebody to act good is to make the world a better place to live. Yes you can run a riot, organised a strike or boycotting to make sure your voice is being heard. So that the related parties can react to that matters.

Then you go back home, going through your freezer looking for the evil of evils, tossed the cap and drink.

I was talking to Fred, the other day.

"Dude, I think my ultimate dream is becoming a vegan." I sipped my hot nescafe on the two seater couch.

"Really?" looking unimpress as he focused more on the 8 o'clock news.

"Yeah. Since I was sixteen or something. I'm fucking done with all those animal killing." I continued.

It was the late Casey's protesting against KFC video that reignite the spirit. Watching the chicken walk with one leg broken is a job-well-done in bringing out my humanity side.

"Cool. Why don't you start now? By giving your mom a call. You're going for your intern tomorrow right?" Fred continued. Eyes on the tubes.

"Fuck off."

Fred, the inner me. Pretty much fucked up and ignorance as he always be.


Want-away atheist : Withdrawn.

If everybody runs around making their own rules, how can you find what's true? Because without rules, we will have nothing to rely on. Benchmarks.

So I guess freedom is really is about building your own god. Build one and then we'll talk.


Don't tell if it kills me.

The whole weekend was terrible.

It was my sister's and my brother's wedding. No, the wedding wasn't terrible but the feeling was. My sister keep crying to the likes of happy that she finally found her man and saddened of departing from our beloved mother. Hell, she gonna need to cross country the next time she wanna blow mom a kiss.

On the last day together both my younger sisters were crying their heart out. The same it goes with my mom. But not me. I'm a well-treat grown up guy. I'll save my tears when the days come.

I smile as I reach out for my brother's fake Ray-Ban glasses.



I wish I was real.

I got one post about how great god was and how beauty karma is that I don't dare publish.

It was nothing secretive but when it comes to god thingy, I prefer to exclude myself of it. Why? Because I don't dare talking. One side or another. I think when you've got yourself stuck in a dark cave, the best solution is to go and look for a light rather than waiting for a rescue team to lift your ass up.

Karma is a bitch. A bitch that everybody enjoy to watch. The one which we love to see.

And now, few hours after finishing my turkey breast sandwiches, I really wish I was a vegan.


Walking after you.

The few things I remember of the time when I started this lame blog are coming back from a tiring work late in the morning, lying face first to the fourteen-inches laptop and writing something that my English teacher wouldn't be proud of.

A year ago.

Oh. It's just a goddamn blog. Who give a fuck, right?


They (peevishly) extracted rude from the word prudence.

When I didn't put any single nuffs in my blog, it doesn't mean I prefer to write for free. I just don't know how to use it.



The bad things and good things.

I prefer to live my life within my own range. I set it. Music for example; mine is from the breathy Norah Jones to the hoarse of Oli Sykes at most. Anything in between is considerable. And I do hummed some of Bieber's track.

Not working.


Make not believe.

Blaming someone for something he didn't do and defend someone for something he'd already done, is for me quite a similar thing. The word used to phrase it might be different but the basic stood underneath is the same.

Please go and please get the whole pictures.

Tell you what. If you're doing a business, put your emotion aside. Just to make sure you don't get hurt in the process.


Everybody wants to change the world but no one want to die.

These last ten days is hell (as if I ever entered one). I just gone through the busiest day of my life.

Sitting for final exam is sick. I have no idea why they created it in the first place. You got tied up to your seat for three hours finishing something that you barely known. Especially when you are a C-rated student. Me likely.

Go to toilet? Jot your fucking name down. Want anything? Raise your fucking hands up.

Fuck. I should go and do what wise men do, now. Rhymed some old song and make money out of it. I mean it.


Running late for the presidential post 1.5.

I sense a different everytime, now, when my friend mentioning about his father in any of his story. No. Not like he never mentioned him before. He did but not with the add on.


Condolences, dude.

Oh and if I happen to put some (pictures) in the future, I'll make sure that it'll be as equitably as black and white.