Walking after you.

The few things I remember of the time when I started this lame blog are coming back from a tiring work late in the morning, lying face first to the fourteen-inches laptop and writing something that my English teacher wouldn't be proud of.

A year ago.

Oh. It's just a goddamn blog. Who give a fuck, right?


J. Abdullah said...

foo fighters. the memories.

Sir Pök Déng said...

You have no idea how teruk my English was when I first started writing full English three years ago then a sucker in the name of Religious-Nasyid-Craze Medical Student of National University of Ireland (Galway) came to boast about his impeccable English and his high-achieving life to me.

AJ Nismihan said...

and should i just treat you with a simple dinner for the anniversary?

*big clap*



we do care what was happen for last one year; but we care more what will be happen in next one year ahead.

wish you are better placed now, tomorrow and ever.

love to see your scribble yesterday, today and wish for others; if i still got that chance

| Larasephia | said...

I found you (& your blog)somewhere in August last year..one entry with a hell lot of 'effing words was all it took. I was hooked.I even wrote a review on you (again:your blog too) in my former blog. (now now...,where's my thank you kisses?) haha ;)

Oh well, I started blogging 3 years back, when I was wild and raw. today,still, not much that I can be proud of.Yeah,our blog is our sanctuary (sort of)so keep flaunting your suck-iness or flaws! who cares?


Happy 1 year old anniversary FTSNC.
May you have many many anniversaries to be celebrated in the future!

¶A.K.I¶ said...

and this year ur much more attractive~

bro keep writing for ur soul~

moon said...

haters give a fuck for it. grammar nazis give a fuck for it.

balqissy said...

happy anniversary then ;)

yeah! im not ur english teacher, but im proud of ***


afiqsiddhartha said...

mine is just around the corner. everyone does.

sastraboy said...

selamat hari siap ftsnc!

semoga gua akan terus ucap benda ni masa masa mendatang.


i'msosupernotcool said...

J. Abdullah: yeah. dave grock!!

Sir Pök Déng: irish? haha. u sure lucky there. i got, i mean most of my tutor are unknown. really wanna know them.

AJ Nismihan: we still got a nasi lemak hakim lama deal to finish, right?
sometime dude. sometime.

Larasephia: yeah. note that. the review and all.
all i can say is thank you so much.

remember the anonymous thingy?
you were writing a foot long entry in my comment box.

thanks again, babe.

AJ Nismihan said...

Know what, Lara want to join us; and cendol S16 is on her.

ah, only the time will tell.

yup, i still owe you that.
i know.


i'msosupernotcool said...

AKI: haha. so sweet of u.

moon: no biggies. after all, hitler do have some senses of humor.

balqissy: so wat did *** stand for?
you? haha.

afiqsiddhartha: happy in advance then.

sastraboy: thanks, dude.

natra md.nor said...

Hello! Haven't been here for a while now..

Happy Anny dude! =)

And don't stop writing. You've got FANS! =p

Sir Pök Déng said...

F*ck that, mate. He's not my tutor. An enemy instead. An ex of my current ex. A Melayu in the land of Galway. A prick boasted about everything he had to make me down for being in relationship with his princess.

A grammar nazi to make his victim look stupid and shouldn't ever tried to write in English because he's a grammar police.

I wrote about him here.

moon said...

hah, grammar nazi = grammar police. but heck, its fun to poke at other people's flaws.

pok deng: sometimes grammar nazis can be very much helpful, they give a free grammar check up. but in your case, 'that man' is way too proud of himself. that is not a grammar nazi, that is a real Nazi.

Koyuki said...

dude..a year older doesnt mean you should be sprinting your way down six feet under...hey...you are a year an 'upper' man...it is suck dont we know it...

MuHaMMaD86 said...

for the first time i came here

i love ur blog
i love ur words


ezzati said...

hye dude..lama tak singgah

seroja jingga said...

i still love this blog dude. altho jarang menapak kat sini.i dun gv a fuck who the hell u r. i just love this blog!

rilly i am

f.a.r.a.h said...

happy blog-niversary dude! :D

Hellioz said...

u give a fuck