Hang is not from China. It's from Kedah.

Remember the old historic legend of the five Hang?

No you shouldn't just remember it. You should be familiar with it. That's a Malay legacy after all. I guess it will be an epic if they decided to make a movie out of it. Just don't let the Metrowealth guy direct it.

Tuah was a good guy, a great warrior, a real hero but a failure when it come to the matters of love. Jebat was also a great guy and a great warrior too. What differ him from Tuah is his failure is only when it come to the term of friendship.

And to call Jebat a betrayal is harsh don't you think?

Poor Tuah. Poor you. Fuck.


Bobby Bolivia was right.

Because the drivers don't pick a car but cars pick their driver.

So if I was in the state of buying a car, I'll prefer to stand still. And let the car stroll. Hopefully, the one with longer lasting life. No. I really don't mind the road tax, traffic jams and the oil price hiked issues.

Can I apply this to love then? Fuck aite.


The World Cup season has gone and so do many beautiful things.

One thing that I like the most about world cup is that it unintentionally help me evaluating a certain part of my life. It lay as a look back on how my life been going from the last four years. How it change.

Germany, 2006, I was in west Pahang, completing my early stage of diploma level. Me and this one guy was a big fan of 'les blues' at that time. Zizou was our idol. He was screaming and bullshitting his brain out when the referee showed Zizou his marching order in the final.

When I met him at the mamak stall recently, he has changed his color to orange. And he came down with two lovely kids and a beautiful girls alongside him.

Four years before is South Korea and Japan 2002. I remember how me and four of my roommates cutting our prep-class, gambling our future which at that time already in the balance, in a favor of watching England versus Nigeria in the media room. Illegally. We survived the 90 minutes though.

Somewhere in 2005, I received a text message confirming me that one of the four guy killed in a car accident in Kuala Terengganu.

France, 1998 was my first world cup. I was on the school trip to the east coast of Malaysia and we had a short-break at the local stall when I saw Luigi Di Biaggio put the ball into the crossbar against the mighty but slippery number sixteen bald-guy.

I was a good and naive boy back then. Too naive that I don't even object when my friend asked me to join him sneaking out from our hotel room to watch the quarter final match.

There, at the moment when Iker lifts the world cup trophy, I can't stop but recall all the previous years I've passed. Good and bad. And I wonder where do I stand in the next four term.

Yup, the World Cup season has gone. And so do many beautiful things.


I've decided. Dah lama dah.

This is an old post kept in my draft for quite some time. Glad to finish it at last.

21st June 2010,

Halt mate!

It's three oh clock in the heat of Monday afternoon. I'm all alone in my bedroom. Nope. It's my friend's room actually. Mine is under no comforts to be in with. I mean the heat. Oh mine. No blue(s) at all.

It's been a while since I last write anything here. Ten days ago.

The world cup fever that I'm pretty sure none of you guys fail to notice. I spend most of my time in front of the television, at night, at the Mamak stall instead of going through the net.

Being a young lonely lad who had so much love with the game and with no other commitment in the next two or three weeks, well, what do you expect?

Ok. Liar. I got two final exams coming this Wednesday and Friday. And I still hold the card fact-ing that world cup is once in a four year time celebration. Which I think, should not be missed. I do facebooking sometimes. Too not-often.

Enough with the world cup. I'm gonna write something about it on my next entry. (Hopefully)

I recently just lost my passion toward this writing thingy called blogging. Yup. Terms before, I was criticizing my lack of out-door time as the main reason why there are less and less article on this blog. With less time watching the world I failed to ignite my timid mind to generate and blow some harsh word for you guys.

I do miss it. Can I blow one now?

26th July 2010,

Owh. FTSNC is back to one-guy-standing blog. Both writer decided to leave. I asked them to, actually. Nicely. Mutual consent you can call it.

Shax is now, should I say busy, tying her knot with books, hitting calculator keys and chasing the purplish buses. She previously sent me her resignation letter only to be rejected again and again.

Dewajiwa still has too many island to explore. Yup. Chasing the momentum girl he admired so much. Goodluck dude.

"I've decided. Dah lama dah."

Remember that line? It was quoted by our former fourth prime minister when he decided to step down from his position as the first person in the country. And the country washed with tears. Nope?

Forget it. You might not even been born when all this happen.