Sorry, but I really can't stand it.

Fuck! the super not cool.

I'm thinking of creating a serious relationship with mutual consent. So that everybody can just leave when they feel like doing it. As simple as 'I can't stand it so bye' or 'you're such a fucking loser so just fucking die' with no regret bound.

Oh God I wish.


The man who can't be moved. Almost can't.

To the man who can't be moved,

They say an art personnel is hardly giving appraisal to their fellow art personnel. No matter how beautiful and well write their masterpiece is.

Why? Aren't the value of art itself is damn subjective?

Living a life is like building a country. There's a time when your gross domestic product is lower than it always be. There's a time when your country decided to make an agreement with other developed/ing country. And there's an election day, where your enemy will stand up and all out against you.

And then there's a war. That destroy your beloved country. Sadly.

To the man who can't be moved,

It takes two to tango and three to rock and rolls and I just don't agree. Almost because I am too an art personnel. Almost. So there will be no harsh word for today.

Or maybe just today.


10 Line Spillage

  1. It's much easier to spill to a stranger, spares the stigma and the judgement.
  2. It's much easier to be understood by somebody who has been there and done that.
  3. Everybody has skeletons in their closet.
  4. Take a bit from my plate, chew, swallow then talk for no reason.
  5. Reality hurts, truth bites, living kills, today tortures and yesterdays are just as bad. What else's new? The only comfort is knowing we're proudly smart enough to live life the way we want it, though others never fail to screw it for us, we prove them wrong.
  6. A friend can be a good psychologist but sometimes I doubt it vice versa.
  7. My fucking naughty little sister rip the paper. I can't read what I had wrote.
  8. There're times when we want to be vulnerable though how thick skinned we appear.
  9. Believing in God's love, live on because of His love. Nothing can beat that. I know you'd agree.
  10. They have no idea what I understand from the word 'MIRROR'. Because I hate what I see looking back at me.

p/s ; Running out of idea. Running out of passion towards blogging. Is there anyone wants to replace me? ^.^