The fast lane.

There aren't things that money can't buy.

For every single thing circulating in this world, tangible or non-tangible, from the most subjective things such as love and respect to an end invisible products; air and wind is available, as long you got sufficient cash in the pocket. A purchasing power.

And now they are buying heaven.

If I was a rich man with multi million dollars left in my Swiss account and since I was too busy tripling that figure each and every second of my day, that is to say that I didn't actually have enough time to dance with god and to perform all the necessary things required to put me right at where every good guys supposed to end at when their time comes,

can I build you a mosque?

So that you'll pray for my wealthiness in hereafter.

Long live, homo sapiens!


A punk rock revolution.

You guys should know this one big thing about humanity. That we're actually not only been classified by our skin color neither our races, we're also been categorized by our action. What we were doing and what's not.

If you were some fucking punk rocker, watching some stupid free concert organized by your foreign owned company which is getting bigger, day by day, by strangling the life of all the dickheads in the country, while at the same time, your very best friend were enjoying life just across the straits, you were by all means is an asshole.

A revolutionist asshole.



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I've started a new habits of reading books. And I do mean books.


A random post part 2.

I've just realized of one fucking fun fact about myself.

Not only that I can easily fall asleep while reading a fucking book, I too, frankly speaking, switched off on a easy basis while writing a long entry for this fucking blog. So if somewhere in the future that you see an unfinished entry being published here, please kindly noted me at 017-94...


TV commercial.

There's a lot of times that I questioning the choices that I've made in my life. It is hard actually to wake up on every morning to live a life that I never wanted. It is even harder to realize that this road that I've took can't even be undo.

Then only I realized that life wasn't that complicated as long as we know the answers to our questions. As long as we know what are we doing and why we were doing it or how are we going to do it?

I love drawing. I used to draw things on a piece of paper. Up until that day when my pen is running out of it's black ink and I ran out of white paper. I switched to this microsoft windows paint and I've decided to use this application ever since.

So why did I switched to microsoft windows paint again? Because there is no such thing as insufficient black ink and no more wasted papers.

And why? The. Fuck. Did. I. Write. This. Like. It. Is. A. Fucking. TV. Commercial. Scripts. You. Tell. Me.



Two weeks ago, I was stranded along the Doraisamy road. In the middle of the night and all by myself. My brother was at our hometown, enjoying his off day. You see, to get a taxi from there was a no problem but with four ringgit left in my pocket, I can't barely hope.

Fortunate for me as I have been in this situation quite a number of time before. I mean to be broke and to feel all alone.

This is such a completed turnaround from where I am few months back, as far as I can remember and as much as I am concerned. I was there before, laughing and whistling at all those pretty faced who were spending their night like it was their last. I was there. And they've done that.

I bet the shit is still the same.

As I passed by the glittering window, I looked down to the image of myself.

Yeah. I think those shit is still is the same. Not a problem. I just need a little bit of faith.


Aunt Mary.

One quick phone call was partially enough to remind me of one thing that I often seem to forget. That there's actually another part of the world from what I've been living for the past few second. The one that shouldn't and will never be replaced no matter how hard I tried.

A wake up and a call.