Two weeks ago, I was stranded along the Doraisamy road. In the middle of the night and all by myself. My brother was at our hometown, enjoying his off day. You see, to get a taxi from there was a no problem but with four ringgit left in my pocket, I can't barely hope.

Fortunate for me as I have been in this situation quite a number of time before. I mean to be broke and to feel all alone.

This is such a completed turnaround from where I am few months back, as far as I can remember and as much as I am concerned. I was there before, laughing and whistling at all those pretty faced who were spending their night like it was their last. I was there. And they've done that.

I bet the shit is still the same.

As I passed by the glittering window, I looked down to the image of myself.

Yeah. I think those shit is still is the same. Not a problem. I just need a little bit of faith.


Mr.Clive said...

try to be a little bit more of an optimist bro.u sound totally pessimist here. :)

no offense though!

be well! :)

si blogger kerek said...

aiya.. y never call one. i can gv u a lift.