A punk rock revolution.

You guys should know this one big thing about humanity. That we're actually not only been classified by our skin color neither our races, we're also been categorized by our action. What we were doing and what's not.

If you were some fucking punk rocker, watching some stupid free concert organized by your foreign owned company which is getting bigger, day by day, by strangling the life of all the dickheads in the country, while at the same time, your very best friend were enjoying life just across the straits, you were by all means is an asshole.

A revolutionist asshole.

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Sir Pök Déng said...

You mean the good for nothing hipsters? Read philosophy books and blog about them feeling themselves heros of ironies, listen to punk rock, lomo fags, do not believe in constructed religion, whine about the system, watch porn, claim themselves the true blue Anonymous who lead world revolution. Fuck. What are their contributions to the society? Nothing.