Everybody wants to change the world but no one want to die.

These last ten days is hell (as if I ever entered one). I just gone through the busiest day of my life.

Sitting for final exam is sick. I have no idea why they created it in the first place. You got tied up to your seat for three hours finishing something that you barely known. Especially when you are a C-rated student. Me likely.

Go to toilet? Jot your fucking name down. Want anything? Raise your fucking hands up.

Fuck. I should go and do what wise men do, now. Rhymed some old song and make money out of it. I mean it.


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

miss those days..hak3...gdluck~~...hak3..

its d procedure anyway...and sumpah fark gler..sucks isnt it~~p rgol sorg2...kakakakakaka

sastraboy said...

tak suka bila ada pengkelasan pelajar.


ada pelajar gred a. gred b. gred c. bla bla bla....

kita diciptakan tuhan ada kelebihan apa,

shit the system!

AJ Nismihan said...

i want.
Allah give some hint that my time is not now.


if we always get what we want
enjoy when we wish for
and win all the game
the life will be bored
you tend to get out of the game soonest


be fair
you get what you are now
let the WTH-grade being your tag
but realised one that
no matter who you are
you must me 'smart' and then 'success' with your own way!

but for now

finish your trail within the system itself

get the ticket to finished the system itself!


wanna to die now?
or be tough and change the world later?

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Change the world.
L can do that.

Anyway, I hate the grading system tho. Been witnessed a student threw her skirt while sitting for exam due to her stress level was too high.


geeds said...

just another 10 grueling days to go.

mine has not yet even started. =.="

YobSumo said...

haaa.... buat je!

Judiene said...

Believe me dude, those invigilators are as fucked up as we are during final exam
coz they getting tired of walking around the hall doing nothing but picking up papers and looking at us working our ass off to answer the exam.

avid gunner said...

yeah dude. tell me about it.

| Larasephia | said...

trust me pal, when you're finally done with study and join the rat race, you're so gonna miss every second of it!

J. Abdullah said...

if your drummer is cute, please send my regards.

i mean, wise girl does that right? she sends regards to cute drummers.