Why dildoing when you have me?

The real reason of asking somebody to act good is to make the world a better place to live. Yes you can run a riot, organised a strike or boycotting to make sure your voice is being heard. So that the related parties can react to that matters.

Then you go back home, going through your freezer looking for the evil of evils, tossed the cap and drink.

I was talking to Fred, the other day.

"Dude, I think my ultimate dream is becoming a vegan." I sipped my hot nescafe on the two seater couch.

"Really?" looking unimpress as he focused more on the 8 o'clock news.

"Yeah. Since I was sixteen or something. I'm fucking done with all those animal killing." I continued.

It was the late Casey's protesting against KFC video that reignite the spirit. Watching the chicken walk with one leg broken is a job-well-done in bringing out my humanity side.

"Cool. Why don't you start now? By giving your mom a call. You're going for your intern tomorrow right?" Fred continued. Eyes on the tubes.

"Fuck off."

Fred, the inner me. Pretty much fucked up and ignorance as he always be.


Rebelle Me said...

you should be a vegan..

Ali Azhar said...

i love your title. so man-man

i'msosupernotcool said...

Rebelle Me: yeah. guess so.

Ali Azhar: haha. when will u do 'girl-girl' title, then?