I wish I was real.

I got one post about how great god was and how beauty karma is that I don't dare publish.

It was nothing secretive but when it comes to god thingy, I prefer to exclude myself of it. Why? Because I don't dare talking. One side or another. I think when you've got yourself stuck in a dark cave, the best solution is to go and look for a light rather than waiting for a rescue team to lift your ass up.

Karma is a bitch. A bitch that everybody enjoy to watch. The one which we love to see.

And now, few hours after finishing my turkey breast sandwiches, I really wish I was a vegan.


Rebelle Me said...

what goes around comes around..
that's karma..

when talking about karma, it does talking about bad things..

Judiene said...

You afraid that the turkey will come back and eat you!?

dish said...

Turkey breast aint got titties .

| Larasephia | said...

Karma IS a bitch. A nasty one it is.
But we learn to love nasty thing,aint we? :)

I think Ive read somewhere; turkey meat tend to make you feel sick after few hours. Its a medical fact.
Solution : eat a green apple or "wash" your throat with sour plum juice.

i'msosupernotcool said...

Rebelle Me: was it? i tot talkin about karma was sexy.

Judiene: sort of. lol.

dish: i dont enjoy tities. really don't.

Larasephia: i do order some 'epal asam boi' after dat. keep me alive.