Fuck the future.

I just moved into my brother's house last Monday.

I mean, I moved into my brother's house yesterday. With house, I refer to a number of feet times a number of feet square space with neither people to talk to nor a television to lay my eyes on. Or anything that's usually used to describe what home is.

There was a cyber cafe down there; still operating using the windows XP service pack two on a fifteen inch cathode ray tube monitor.Vintage and pathetic at it's best.

So I manage to get myself an interview today. A writer post for quite an established company. Writing for them means I'm writing for the likes of dato-dato and tan sri's of Malaysia.

Amazing, ain't it?

There was eight person in the company's lounge. Three of them were there for their second phase of the interview which pretty much concluded that they already passed the first phase of the interview; writing test.

Among the eight were a journalism graduate, Melbourne International College Journalism's head of program, a Karam Singh Walia look-alike psycho, a total American's accent blonde and a sixty years old granny who barely see a fucking letter.


Now that I'm breathing the air of unemployment, fuck the future!


avid gunner said...

pessimism at its best

| Larasephia | said...


chill honey. The worst is yet to come! I sure think this is just the perfect time to leave u a little note of reminder ;


Judiene said...

Hey, don't surrender so soon.
Just go with whatever they have prepared for you, pray to Allah and keep the rest for Him to decide.


eszol raar said...

im with larasephia

neo.. said...

good luck brah!

Titel said...

chill :)

kAkUnA_tHe KeLip KeLiP said...

klw ade luck, who knows...?? destiny might change...hehehe..good luck..!

geeds said...

that cyber cafe really do sounds pathetic to me. haha.

anyway, the best of luck to you! (

Sir Pök Déng said...

I agree with the first commentator.

Ries Lee said...

dahsyat jugak calon-calon yang lain tu. ketar dan rasa give up jugak kalau aku jadi kau. mungkin aku tak sekuat kau. juz ignore komen aku ni.

J. Abdullah said...

welcome to the real world.

munirah ruslan said...

yeah, fuck the future!



chah~ said...


well.. gud luck!!

heyy.. lama tak dtg sini..

Hanis Manis said...

the journalism graduate dude maybe choke himself and die, the Karam singh Walia look alike maybe arrested for being a pervert soon, the american's accent blonde is maybe a total dude and the grandma could have a heart attack.

ha see, you have great chance.

haha, i mean, we will never know what might happen. maybe what they need is a super not cool writer.