Of going back home.

One thing about heading home that I hate the most is facing those narrow minded peeps who narrow minded-ly think that I'm going to stuck behind those windows calculating and approving money withdrawal on the fact that I'm doing some motherfucking banking stuff in my university.

Now that I'm graduating, I had them only one question.

That fuckable daughter of theirs, where did she got her bitching qualification? Since I can't recalled any college or university offer neither sixty nine nor deep throating courses here in Malaysia.

And then I'll say "Pardon my english!"


Judiene said...

Pardon my english!

Ries Lee said...

penuh amarah tu.

Ali Azhar said...

Tak faham ah cici.Mind to explain?

Alexandriana Alia said...


geeds said...

i love it. this is the best!
that is exactly what i felt. the only things that makes a difference is i wanted to say to my aunties and uncles who fucking see my family as a disgusting maggots.