Who the fuck is Maher Zain?

Last night, a friend of mine talks of how stupid she thinks Malay is. One, for entering this reality show while they didn't seem to possess any kind of talent required and two, for keep saying that they want to change their life through that program.

She thinks that they should study or work hard to change their life instead of go for this instant success. And yes, always and always pray to god.

Pathetic, I know. Both her and the contestants.

Disagreed, I left her a question 'Can praying to God ensured you a change of life?'. A few second and she gave me this 'No but they can at least make an effort'. I then replied 'Aren't singing, I mean entering this competition considered as an effort?'.

Another few second and this 'Please don't halal-ing what is already haram..' and shit.

Great. So I am debating God now huh, bitch?


sastraboy said...

err, serbanistas alert i think? haha.

memang pathetic gila cara dia pertahankan pendapat dia.

tiba-tiba masukkan hal-hal tuhan.


dewajiwa said...

reality show always bites. even on our greatest firm and super-rational mind. make most of us slipped. watching it like watching our poor judgement on our own. that is why we live a life on a reality side. so others can watch and judge too. fair heaven.

i'msosupernotcool said...

sastraboy: itulah.
aku debat dengan dia atau dengan tuhan tadi?

dewajiwa: ok.
dah boleh start tulis untuk ftsnc balik la macam ni kan?

M. Faiz Syahmi said...

perbualan yang sama dengan kawan-kawan aku.

maksud aku., untuk perenggan pertama.

yang aku peliknya., kenapa pathetic contestants tu yang beriya-iya ditunjukkan si editor.? nak tunjuk kat dunia how pathetic malaysian is.? aku tak nampak bangsa lain kat situ. bangsa aku jugak.

Hanis Manis said...

ah dem.

the part yang dia point out tak payah guna short cut is quite good. but then to support with halal and haram sounded prejudice, yes? and the part yang the Malay are stupid to do that. (?!) that is more prejudice. semua manusia pon suka instant things. not just Malay. seems like her personal perspective towards Malay were already there in her. kan?

tak salah nak luahkan pendapat sendiri but if the rebut were vague, better shut up or u'll make urself sounded bitchy. :)

| Larasephia | said...

dia terkejut tu kena sembur ttibe. Hahaha

ada org penah cakap dgn aku " kau akan masuk neraka sbb dengar lagu2 Megadeth. Nak masuk syurga kena dengar Raihan, Rabbani and such".

lagi pathetic kan? or is he simply a dumb ass?

eszol raar said...

there'sso many god wannabe here n there


regarding to ur questn,its just one monotonous guy try to sing in such a gay looks

Hellioz said...

lu bercakap dengan wakil tuhan tadi
i guess