The Ashburton Grove.

Football is another way of how guys achieved their orgasm. With no bj's and no penetrations required.

Just leave your sleeping girlfriend at home. You put on your color, go find a non-HBO-football-craze mamak, ordered yourself a cup of teh tarik, and leaned back.

And then, your first goal's arrived. With the second one's just shortly after.

Oh fuck. I'm cumming.


AJ Nismihan said...

2nd still there to fight for.
wish Arsene Wenger all the best for next fixture too.
at least, they should they are winning team after all.

great to see such a tight game.



Arief Arf said...

i jizzed in my pants last night.
football > sex

melon. said...

oo man, i think i missed out something.

Judiene said...

I wonder if you really mean the last sentence.


Alexandriana Alia said...
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izzad b* said...


hiro said...

i'msosupernotcool said...
entri ni pon bodoh jugak.
ok la tuh.

Anonymous said...

zahrul (ea) : go oreint...hahah