Don't mess with the Ind... Ivorian?

I always remind my friends to not mess with this kind of people. Those whom their god was there to be seen.

In a fucking square.

A few of those who everything they do was either a lie or under the influence of alcohol. Because they were born with this good ability of spinning things up. To turn a one hour problems into a major national issue.

I wake up to the this facebook status 'Happy Valentine's Day to those who are okay with it' with a smiley and I smile.

Yesterday errr... earlier morning was a hell of experience. Me and my friends were going through the tiresome night of our lives. My girlfriend car, her rear window was smashed into pieces. Mr. Police somehow got their hand on the convicts so we were spending our valentines morning in the police station waiting to this motherfucker to make a confession and settles things up.

A Monday blues v-day morning and some aging chairs. Vintage!

What's lacking is just a touch of candle light thingy but I swear to god if this is Russia or Cuba I've might turn this motherfucker into a human torch. For his milky god sake, put him down into the gasoline and let him fucking burnt and turn into ashes.

At least I made it easy for the family. They don't need to waste their money to buy any fucking sticks. So his father can go for another alcoholic night.

And yeah. My shit to sweet things up.


little ain said...

oomaijayy for everything.


Hellioz said...


Lady Dyla said...

Thats a heck of a valentine day... :P

Anonymous said...

Zahrul (ea):
nice blog eh... :)