The upside down of a kingdom.

I am a Nescafe addicted freak. I never start my day without either a cup or a can of Nescafe. Wasn't a good pick for a healthy lifestyle but that's what makes me going.

I have this bad habit of staying up late. My daily sleeping time kicks off around 2 or 3 am. Maybe worst.

Not that I can't sleep but I have this obsession to not sleep early.

I think the great-greatest sleep came only when you are out of energy. Zero. Where neither nightmare nor sweet dreams can pass you by. Let alone wake you.

That's when you wake up, the only thing you remember is you, having the sleep of your life.

So I worked my asses off. From mamak to Pavilion to uptown. Even when I was at home, I watch movies, facebook-ing and play computer games. Everything to stay awake. Until when my eyes can take no more of this liquid crystal display lights.

There, then I'm off to bed.

With another caffeine-esque morning to come.


Anonymous said...

i haven't sleep yet with the 6th cup of caffeine.

i should marry with the laptop.

Amie Tempoyak. said...

cool. maybe i should do it this way. but i just can't wake up early if i stayed up until 4 >.<

Rebelle said...

even caffeine cannot makes me stay up late. sharp 12 midnight i'll go to my dreamland. its true even i've tried not sleep early.

eszol raar said...

hi5 here

but ive change my addiction of nescafe to coffee

still,lots of absent here n there

post subuh is the time

Razman said...

kadang2, hanya sedikit kocakan yang mengasyikkan diperlukan untuk menghabeskan semua tenaga dgn kadar segera.

Sir Pök Déng said...

kata Plato, 'tidak terasa nikmat hidup kalau tidur awal'. Ada benarnya kata ahli veterinar kuno tersebut.

sastraboy said...

u're addicted to the neskapi! (people tend to called it that way, esp the elders).

Hellioz said...

i used to be you with the caffeine
but now, i'm not caffeine dependent anymore.

but still.
i'm a succesfull nocturnal

- koroe - said...

aku tak buleh la tido dengan tak tentu masa ni. nanti aku ponteng kelas. dah banyak kali macam tu. tak besh sungguh kelas pagi2 pukul 8. rasa teraniaya. heh !

Pisey said...

tak boleh hidup tanpa kafein. tu saja dadah yang menghidupkan aku. tapi tidur juga walaupun teguk 4-5gelas. heh.