To survive is to lie to the truth.

Happy people, they don't hesitate. They never, actually.

I do that. I don't hesitate.

Because I believe anything, I mean everything happen in this world contains within itself the way to how to escape. Where every problems have its very own solutions. That a dead end came with an exit door.

I believe that if this one girl walkout on me, there will be another coming. One, two or maybe three. That there will be ways of surviving my lunch hour if I decided to spend what's left in my pocket on this fabulous black leather jacket.

And I won't ended up suffocating for a fresh air in this already polluted world.

All I need to do is go and figure it out.


little ain said...

the one that walk out on you might be the one you wanted to spend your whole life with.

i'msosupernotcool said...

I'll let God do the voting.

But damn, you're fast.

eszol raar said...

ever heard of impulsiveness

little ain said...