This entry is about being attacked by monsters. And a revolution.

I guess what destroyed the Arabic continent now is not the revolution but equality. A war to equality. Yes, I do blame the leader for fail to conduct in a better way of leading but still I have this side of me blaming the people for, in my honest opinion, being too fanatic with equality.

I too, believe in equality. I complain when my lecturer treats this dudette like she was his fucking wife. I complains when this policeman let his nephew escapes a traffic summon. But how far will I go for equality?

Dying is a big no, no, no.

Equality as what define by some dictionary is being in the same amount, level, value, quantity and status. Which is in contrast with the idea of life as a whole. I meant how can you rule when you were on the same level as the others.

Can you ask your fellow marhein to sacrify their soul while you were on your back, watching some football highlights?

You need a leader. Your world need a leader.

So you pick one. The best among you. And as a leader, you'll expect him to be as equal as he can. That every decisions he make next will draw smiles on everyone faces. Failed and he deserve a revolution. Streets demonstrations. A reformation.

And you bring up your new-soon-to-be-deposed leader.

Can't you live a good life just because an equality wasn't in your meal? Can't you go for Nasi Kandar when the hot and spicy roasted turkey wings wasn't in your plate for dinner? Is Mocha Frappuccino really is necessary? Ever heard of Kopi Tarik?

It's life, dude. Not some God greatest heaven.

Even in heaven, you'll have this segregation based on your previous deeds. Virtue. Firdaus, 'Adn, Na'iim, Na'wa, Darussalaam, Muaqaamah, Al-Maqaamul and Khuldi.

All created for a specific type of goodness.

Nah. I fucking googled that.


Pisey said...

during the old days when i was little, i even divided the dishes on my plate into equal portion first before i started eating. and i would throw a tantrum from time to time if i didn't get things the same as my other siblings.

bila dah besar, baru faham bukan semua benda boleh dapat sama.


izzad b* said...

nice words. i have too many not equality moment in life.sad but still moved forward

Anonymous said...



in the real world, i've been mistreated by those who like to classify their own fav mate.
they only come to me when they find me as a useful tool-> an exam's walking cheat note.