Loser's lullaby.

One thing I missed the most here is me writing from the perspective of a single guy. One which I stopped doing for almost a year, now.

For me, in everything and at every time I write, I need to first put myself in the situation.

So to write about a single-lonely guy who was in need of a girls love, I need to first free myself from any love relationship I was bound to. And if I ever decided to write about a relationship, I then need to jump into one, first.

Honesty, that's what my major concern all about.

Like right now, I was writing in an empty office on a lunch hour mode just to get this feeling of a broke guy who skipping his lunch after buying his girlfriend a new Guess handbag as her birthday present.

I made it, am I?


Jari Berbicara said...

Sooooo shweeetttttttt....

eszol raar said...



| Larasephia | said...

well it is said a great poet and writer had to be whatever they decided to write/speak about else there shall be no masterpiece produced!! I guess you're otw to .. THAT?

Lol ;)

little ain said...

u did? oomaijayy. sangat tak patut. she's not your wife. Guess? seriously!

eszol raar : tak baik cakap camtu tauu. sedih T__T

shasha said...

wow..so sweet <3

Pisey said...

oke that's nice.

ah, jeles (;

wayarputus said...

how much is tht HANDBAG :P

Sir Pök Déng said...

Call me Mr Stingy, I won't do that if I were you. Spending big money on my girlfriend is a big no-no to me. Birthday present 2011, a goddamn Blackberry. Birthday present 2012, a bloody Gucci handbag. Birthday present 2013, a fucking gold necklace with a Philippine's pearl attached to it. Surprise gifts like a pair of goldfishes, Scottish Fold kitten, and colourful shawls are excluded. Think about how much money you spend to buy these items.

Seriously I don't want my girlfriend gets too spoiled with materials. You're actually 'financing' the relationship.

It's not the case if she's my wife. I'd do anything for my lovely wife. You want that Gucci, take it, I'll pay. CASH!

Anonymous said...

hahaha chill lah everyone! :)

eh and to answer the question, yes you made it.

salam kenal..

-mieza isa

Amalina said...

hahahha!perlu ke?