Et Ducit Mundum per Luce II.

I was having a hell of nightmare last night.

My family were all killed by this psychopath neighbour. This well-known psychopath neighbour, he was at my age, currently unemployed and was at the lowest point of his life.

I was the last person dying. I got stabbed in the chest for quite a countless time.

The dream was on a repetition mode. Every time I got myself killed the dream was none but starting again. It was like I was giving another chances to save my family from this psychopath neighbour. Something which I kind of failed to deliver. But it never stop me from trying.

Hell, I am the king of my life and death. Even my most horrendous dream spares me my chances.


neo.. said...

Sometimes death can teaches us about life.

Btw morning bro!

eszol raar said...

hollywood like dream

| Larasephia | said...

still you're sitting on ur ass and do nothing?! Stab yourself then.

Razman said...

patutlah updet 2 blog sekali.

nedd said...

been facing this blog since yesterday. im engrossed! OMG! procrastinating again! no, not blaming u, but yr blog is cool!