Bang the doldrums and wave that wooden legs.

I am the type of guy who's imagination is as high as the sky. I used to imagine what people talks to its perfection and off course, imperfection. Depends on how the story were told.

Let's say when a guy friend talks of his nasty hook up with his girl, I'll imagine a really hot passionate sex on queen size bed, lots of ah.. uh.. ah.., doggy, blah blah and yes, cum shots.

Twice, at least.

Ok. Maybe too harsh for an example. But hey, for an example to be argue is harsh too you goddammit!

Let's say a cheap Adidas shoe for me is equal to a China made products. You guys got me?

The problem is when things I've imagined is never as it is in the real world. The nasty hook up was nothing but a 3 minutes of a crappy bj in a crappy car and my so called China made product is actually a 70% off clearance sales by Al-Ikhsan.

Double the fucked up, I know.

So now I opted to experience things, myself. Both the girl and the Adidas shoe.

Any volunteer bitches?


| Larasephia | said...


good luck imaginary fairy!

- koroe - said...

i used to imagine something at its worst.

when the reality is not that worse, i say to myself, " everything went better than expected "

and i just smile.

negative aight.

i'msosupernotcool said...

koroe: guess ur imagination is higher than mine.