Can't I help humanity AND wear pants?

It's a week of audacity, tenses and loss of hope.

I guess the world is really going to its end. You know with all the climate changing and the natural disaster happens around us, no one left to denied that assumption. We have the middle east revolution few months back, New Zealand earthquake a month ago and now this tsunami thingy in Japan.

I was joking with some friends the other day when we got our hand on the earthquake news. I told him the Godzilla was digging its way up to the surface and we laugh our asses off.

Yes its funny.

Especially when taking into consideration that Japan; the world largest exporter of superheroes were in such a huge problems. They usually got the likes of Ultraman to save them from the Zetton's monster. Cybercop against the Death Trap and to the smallest Doraemon who help Nobita from the bullish Giant.

Now, it was all different. It wasn't scintillating anymore. Thousands were reported died from these horrific tragedy while almost fifteen thousand of people gone missing.

For the next couple of years, months or days, the new generation of these Japanese kids will questioning their superheroes ability. "Where were Gundams when my mom were taken by the waves?" "Why don't Flashman bring their big jet and start the evacuation?" "Can't Son Goku ask the Dragon Lord to revive Tokyo?"

And it will be all down to the manga artist to again re-install these kid's believe.

Those kind of believes that bring their Tsubasa inspirational football teams fly high at the World Cup. Not just another bionic superheroes with multiple changes of hand or a fight to survive Island. Lame.

Because it wasn't some Gorgonian monsters they're fighting with now, it's nature. That even if all the Ultraman's family were there, I have this utmost doubt that they can't do nothing about it.


eszol raar said...

God love irony

so there goes it

girlfriend purata said...

Humanity is becoming more and more childlike.

- koroe - said...

you know ,

all japan-made-superheroes and villains are having an annual meeting during the waves attack.

it wasn't in schedule that tsunami would attack japan. the waves suppose to attack the next day after the meeting so that those superheroes can show those japanese children how powerful they are as they stop the waves and save japan.

but, not all plan works well.

*sorry for my ugly grammar. heh

Razman said...

as long as maria still breathing, then its ok with me.

geeds said...

this is reality.

Askrie Hishamuddin said...

HAHA. totally agreed with Razman, maria is asset for japan!

| Larasephia | said...

cant help nodding to every single words. how come peoples have become very very shallow nowadays? :{

sastraboy said...

re-inventing manga is in the mangaka head now.

they're panicking.

zixol said...


Sir Pök Déng said...

Americans ruin the stories and characters.

pencubit said...

aku pun tertanya-tanya mana goku waktu ni.