Human didn't possessed super power, you idiot!

It has to be said that I don't prefer those peeps who jotted about the religious thingy on the facebook. I used to either skipped the post or hide it.

I think it was stupid. I mean to talk about God in public.

I used to look at thing as a whole; from the convict's perspective to the victim and to the crime fighter, itself. As a whole. You know like cock, rape, anal and that big bad bed. As a hole.

Rationality and emotionality do have differences in what ought to be a pretty similar role.

As such in writing when you need to always consider the emotional and the rationality part. Especially when you were airing out your opinion. Failed to do so will likely cause your 'honest opinion' to become a little too harsh or maybe a little too soft for them, readers.

Leading your judgment to nowhere but in between.

Because being rational for me is to abandon God while to love Him is to become one hell of emotional fag.

And yes, nobody want to end up being an idiot. You idiot.


| Larasephia | said...

now,this sounds so you!
cause some of your previous writings made me thought of u as the "in between"
I mean, its like you're trying hard to suppress your emotion to make you appear a rational man
but of course, thats merely my personal pov
no offence

but yeah, some of us didn't have much options when it comes to decide to be decent
I define decent to be within and in between
hence i ended up confusing myself even more
what a darling little life we're living!

Sir Pök Déng said...

We have a common background, mate. You. Me. A religious school graduate. And we're not fuckin pious like the serbanitas who MOSTLY not a religious school graduate. Look around you. Ask them serbanitas about their early educational background. MRSM. Sekolah Sains. SBP. Started as a secular student, then ended up starving for religious education, but when found one, they are going through it the wrong way, say, belajar agama guna internet, and they are too excited to talk about their new discovery in public, blogs, etc. We, the religious school graduate, think them as assholes, because the knowledge they present (probably for showing off, not all of them ekceli) does not reach the standard required for them to be preachers. Not that we're saying ourselves a saint, but we have found many qualified ustazs to the do the job, and those serbanitas are not qualified to be an ustaz!

Think about a new MLM consultant. He or she is too excited to sell their products but hasn't well-informed (or well-educated) about the things they want to sell! Smart customers won't buy it, for sure.

Serbanitas are everywhere. I can be one if I want to.

Long ago, I had faced offensive statements regarding my way of advising them "sinners". But now I know why it happened to me like that.

Lack of methodologies. And knowledge, of course.

So now, I'd better be silent, and abolish my 'holier than thou' attitude.

Just like the Christians said, "they need love". Not aggressiveness in giving advice. I learnt from the Christians.

Hellioz said...


M. Faiz Syahmi said...

agree with sir pok deng. especially the last words.

Dark Half said...

talking about serbanistas acting hollier than thou, i too as a new convert feels like their extreme manners and responses toward certain issues in islam do not portray the greatness and beauty of islam to the non-believers, n somehow sounds like an idiot emo fag

but then not all bloggers/writers in this genre are all the same and we shouldn't look at them as a bunch of idiots playing God. for me, blogs such as keretamayat, notasiku and faisal tehrani's pov are some of good writers who comment sarcastically mostly about islamic related issues in a simple, logic, and humorous way yet the message is firm enough