# 200.

Larasephia was right. It was always sound like I was trying to put myself on the rational side. I am. But never did I trying hard to sound like one.

Truth is I am having this problem of emotion-less toward thing happening around me. It's always seem like I didn't care and to get those emotion back, I need to be rational.

You know like when every single people talks about how bad Japan is, lets pray for them Japanese, that's what you get when you hurt dolphins and all, I just go 'Sure, sure, the only Japanese peeps I know ins and outs is Maria Ozawa.

I should pray for her, no?

Or when that saya-gay-saya-ok dudette brought himself into the Malaysian's taboos, all I was thinking was 'Good for him. Now I have less cock to worry about'.

Because I am a post-android who's yet to become a human. I don't take order but if I do, I'll shoot to kill. Love me or hate me hard. And I just won't give a damn.

Yeah. I can't even find the right title for this shit.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry i'm sure she's all right

angelic demon said...

less empathy. an ignorance. nothing wrong with that.

izat123 said...

follow me back

skandaLdariLangit said...

lol. terketawa part maria ozawa.

ada kisahnya.


| Larasephia | said...

dont feel bad about it man
just keep shooting to kill
at times we gotta be an ass to save own ass!!

si cebbie cholet said...


dont feel bad..

as long as there everyone can get along and understand you...thats more than enough right..

i think you not emotion-less... maybe you just dont know how to xpress it..or you too straight foward person...


Dottie with Dots said...

ins and outs huh???

Amalina said...

thanks for elaborate my feeling now in your second paragraph.haha!