Along the whoring streets.

When you see thing, it's either you see the beautiful part or the ugly side of it. Both of you then will start voicing your honest opinion. And both of you will try your hardest to cancel out each other.

In My Honest Opinion? Yeah. Fuck off.


eszol said...


so what?

Wanita Mutalib said...

too. :p

Hellioz said...

in my holy opinion
we bend n break

holy crap outlaw the beautiful sunshine

geeds said...

everybody has their own opinion. who cares? haha.

ouh btw, i love the new header! cool liao~ :D

little ain said...

thats people.

munirah ruslan said...

its plain obvious though.
cool header you got

si blogger kerek said...

what u c, is wat u get. yeyehh

NAJ HEBAT said...

I don't give a damn!

tu saja.