Sex, dream and jeans #2.

I hate going (again) for what I once achieved.

During my football manager session, when my lappy decided to show me a 'not responding' sign and the need of playing the match that I've played before appear, didn't matter if the outcome is better than the previous one, I can do nothing but stop playing.

I know it'll take quite sometime for me to start playing again. And I know the best way to start again is by taking a break.


AJ Nismihan said...

'not responding'?
mine always spoilt by "Oh, maaf, terlanggar plug laptop kamu. Ter Off ya?"

and replay for one or two game on the evening; just before i decide 'create a new game' is the best.

bored mingle here again and again? maybe you should launch another break season dude.
proposed KFCM to AW as replacement for your doubtful Almunia and Fabianski.

Ya Nun Wa Alif

eszol said...

that's why i save after every match
sediakan payung sbelom salji

Lady Dyla said...

haha.. prepare for the worst they said