Sex, dream and jeans #1.

2011 started late for ftsnc.

I felt like losing my passion toward blogging and this ftsnc. How many times my so-called-brilliant thought ended up in the draft and then, the next day, to the bin. That's what always bothering me at the very start of the year. I seemed to lost my words. Last new year it happens and come this January, the same thing occurred.

All this days, passion is what driving me forward. I used to live my life on the passion basis and I am enjoying every moment of it. I can stand playing a football manager stuff for days only to stop when I was already worn out or when I'm hungry.


Give me a Sudoku and I'll turn around and start texting my girlfriend before you even make it to ten.


MATAHARI said...

urgh. i'm feeling this too. what happen.. sigh.

Judiene said...

Yeah me too.
New year brings nothing good to me.
Just like other ordinary days.

Razman said...

tulah tu kan. jenis ada awek msg sengih2 sorang2. lepas tu jpe mber awek sorok dalam locker xbg org kenal.

AJ Nismihan said...

change rutine.
find a new course to chase for.
i lost my passion too, but i keep telling myself i can do better; perhaps.

Football Manager?
We fall in love with the same thing dude.
I can spend the whole day build the team and play the whole season with one shot.
but that was a long history.
Now, my sufia ask more time for her, and i simply have no spare to slot FM in.