Because it's going and it's going and it's going and it's gone.

People have the tendency to big things up. Especially when it's a bad one.

I've done that. During my school time, I used to get proud of every classes I skipped. Or maybe every Subuh prayer I successfully escaped without getting caught by the warden. I grown up idolizing some fuck-face-bad-ass-senior I dare not have a handshake with.

I got a mate who never stop telling us how genius he is to get away with no charge after got caught liquoring with some friends during his diploma days.

Fucking annoyed, I draw a comparison between us. Me at the age of fifteen years old, doing bad things and never get myself caught while he, at the age of twenty one, doing bad things and got caught.

So to call him a genius, I fucking doubt that.

Nowadays when it come to encounter news on the newspaper I have created my own method of reading. I look at the picture first. Interesting? Then I read the title. Related? Now the article. And yeah, always start from the back.

Same it goes when I wasn't in a healthy state of condition. I start by feeling my body temperature. Hot? Then I'll take a long shower, grab myself a nice pair of cloth and off to mamak.

Cool? Then I off to mamak, fucking straight away.

I think I just put myself a level ahead of others in the way of thinking and on how I lived my life. I am at one point where Afdhlin Shauki glamorous joke was no longer my best medicine. Where a hand-job alone could never satisfy my urging desire.

I now declared destruction as my biggest ever achievement. And that is how I end my January.


Hellioz said...

I am at one point where Afdhlin Shauki glamorous joke was no longer my best medicine

this is where i am nao.

i prefer on laughing at the laughing stock.

fuck i'm mad right nao.

jom join gwa bakar orang nak?

eszol said...

psychiatrist is psycho

u do d math

i'msosupernotcool said...

helly: lu nak bakar sape? haha

eszol: im no good with numbers, dude.
u tell me.

izzad b* said...

i can handle afdhlin joke rather then senario or raja lawak whatever.silly joke, sorry, stupid joke