Ready for the fall : The do's and dont's.

I've spent a number of note for my new jacket. Still there are skinny jeans, a couple of tee's and a denim shirt left on my new year list. The breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper are all quite a costly too.

So I made my count.

If I was going to go on spending like this, I will only last for a month before I started ringing my sibling looking for a 'loan'. Pathetic but that won't be such a problem. And if I too continue consuming the same amount and type of food which I recently do, I'll double my weight before valentine. A hundred something kilos fat ass and damn!! that is a huge problem.

But no worries. I've come up with the solution already.

I'll spent my money to the max this month. Freely. I'll buy what I want. I'll run into any fast food I seen. So next month, when I'm officially declared broke and becoming extraordinary BIG, I'll start having the diet program.

Two MYR 0.60 gardenia breads for breakfast, no lunch and a roti kosong or roti telur for dinner. No fucking fast food for month and we'll see from there.

Fuck. I am such a genius.


NadzFleyVa said...

yeah rite . like ur really gonna go on that diet . unbelivable . bhahaha XD

Hellioz said...



Lady Chatterley said...

Some other genius once said, "Eat right. Stay fit. Die anyway."

But we wish u all the best! Roti telur. Mm greasy.