Table for two.

To be on your back, going every where around the world, doing what you like must be the ultimate dream that every human being should dreamed of. Far from your usual life and to be untied with all the bonding that you previously had. Ah. I really don't prefer commitments. Not before I reached all the spots I've mark in my little black map.

I kept that promise to myself thorough my diploma's day only to be broken when I bumped myself with this immatured girl in my degree's math class.

The solo travelling, the dreams and the promises, I guess it's all beyond my reach now. And regret, I am not.


geeds said...

Why don't you go and travel with your girl?

Pisey said...

Aku ulang balik apa geeds cakap.

Larasephia said...
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Larasephia said...

I dont know about you.. But if I were you, I would not consider geeds's and pisey's suggestion there.

I think the getaway plan to escape and to conquer the land and river around the globe on your own feet is GREAT for one. As the saying goes, two is (already) a crowd. Such plan wouldn’t be called "escape" if you're with somebody. That’s cheating. But of course, that’s my personal take on this. Everyone has different preferences kan..

You’ve bumped into a girl who you think might be your other half and it kind of put a halt between your dreams. So what? It’s not a full stop. Those plans and dreams might seem beyond reach FOR NOW. But maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to get back to the gameplan and pursue those dreams.

One just gotta keep believing, man. Everything IS possible.

The SNCool guy I used to know once said to me " believe that everything is possible and fuck the rest".

I return your words to you, pal. *raise my hat*

i'msosupernotcool said...

Im considering that opts too.
but you know it wasnt going to be same.

I still am that 'fuck the rest' dude you once read.
No kidding.

Dewajiwa said...

adapt first with that table for 2 thingy, then let your nature naturalize the flow. I did once and it's fucking works.