Sex, dream and jeans #8.

I do have another blog. A multi-language blog of which I dedicated it to my superb girlfriend. Where my writings was merely a short story between us two. What we were doing, where we were heading and of everything that is circulating around us. The love.

I suck pretty big in both grammar, be it malay or english. But that wasn't the case, here. My problem is that I tend to start my writing from the back. No, I used to.

I used to write anything I have in mind (the ending) on a piece of paper. And from the ending, up I go until I've come to the introduction part. Then only I edit it. You know, keep of what I feel necessary and let go of what I feel not.

And the norm in my writing was much of like this; start-coffee break-fifa twelve-twittering-take a shower-reply sms and stop. For two hours and start again.

That is how.

So if you guys were kind of lost while reading or going through my post, you don't have to worry. Because believe me, I am facing that similar problem, or may be worst, trying my hard to finish it.

Ah and one more thing.

The fact that I am still hiding behind that guy with a butterfly wing profile picture is no longer relevant when I believe some of you people already got a look at this so super not cool dude on my other part of the social networks.

I should seriously give a thought on retirement.


Puteri Biru said...

eh. janganla pencen..!

h.a.n said...

alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(

Sir Pök Déng said...

"A multi-language blog of which I dedicated it to my superb girlfriend."


g i r l f r i e n d


So you wanna say your girlfriend has sucked away all your literature wits?

i'msosupernotcool said...

Pretty much.

And I wonder why the fuck that my third phara look a bit weird.

nagalrak said...

I gotta say writing backward from ending to introduction is smart. you just got yourself a new follower. :)