When I'm Gone.

This is some kind of inheritance game. I got the idea last night while checking some hot chicks on the facebook. Lol.

Ok. Serious please.

It should start this way. I will put my blogger ID and password in an entry entitled 'When I'm gone' which will be automatically published a week after my last update. Lets say if my recent update is today, December 15th 2010, then in the draft box there will be an entry that will be publish automatically in one week time, December 22nd. The one that have my ID and password.

Got it?

So the date of this auto publish update will move onward according to the date of the recent entry. So if I failed to come up with any update in one week time, the entry will automatically published.

What I need you to do?

Here is how we play. The first person to view the ID and password entry is require to log in into my account and change my password to what his favor. Be it kimnamill, pussycat, cesc4, westlife or else. He then will take my place as this ftsnc author. Continue with i'msosupernotcool nick or change it to a new one. As what he favor.

It is also up to him to whether to continue with this game or not. But it would be an honor if he decided to stick with this stupid plan.

Haha. Fuck. There's no way I'm gonna do this.

Or maybe this is a good idea. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

i vote for 'No'.

you are part of ftsnc, and if you are gone, then ftsnc will not dance with the rhythm anymore; and the assessment whether should i stay here or not should be launch immediately.

got me?

dish said...

for skeptical fun, YES.

i'msosupernotcool said...

AJ: this is just some crazy idea.
so if i gone, the ftsnc did not.

dish: haha. maybe i should start another.
make it a place where people loath their last wish and etc.
but the rule's staying.

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Don't do that.


Judiene said...

Hey, I would love to give it a try.
Who don't want to be apart of a fantastic blog right?
Ok, I'm kidding.
But yeah, nice crazy game!

faiq said...

u shoukd do dats.. :)

avid gunner said...

goodness me. i've just peed in my pants until you kill the buzz

natra md.nor said...

I so want to play this game! hahah..

john bert said...

arwah zul dulu baik orangnya. al fatihah.

faiq said...

aku da tuka link baru..tekan la name aku yg biru ni...

| Larasephia | said...

the word wtf popped out from my lips (9 times) while I was going through this until the 2nd last line. Haha

bikin kecoh la lu bro.
Fuck you for making me nervous pagi2 buta nie.

well if u ask me, I'll say, personally ,when you're gone, I wish to see ftsnc stay the way it is.Even then it'll be static and stiff like death itself.

Mr.Clive said...

ermmmm @_@

afiqsiddhartha said...

count me in.

Hellioz said...

i'm in

geeds said...

agreed with larasephia.
this is fuck the super not cool. stick to fucking the super not cool la. haha.

hiro said...

u tweet ai when yu have problemo. ai always in.

Valossa Vicious said...

Holyshit what a scary game. But I'm in for the lulz.

Acha said...

Wow, somehow you remind me of Jigsaw in Saw Movie. Lolz xD