Bloggerboy : An idiot is always better than an idiot's idiot.

Thanks to my housemate who decided to waste his four gigabyte external hard disk space for some youtube vid, I got a hand on The Arrivals series. It took me twenty something episodes before I decided to give it a break. Such a waste of time.

It's not that I don't believe in it. I think I do. But I prefer to stand over my mom advice; when the thing is beyond your reach, don't you dare to fucking talk. This is also what keeping me away from all the political swing around. I love you mom!

Something you should know about me is when I watch, I didn't just watch, I learn. I googled the Winklevoss brother after watching The Social Network. Same it goes with 'crayfish' in the Rock N Rolla.

I googled.

So for the upcoming Anugerah Juara Lagu Finale, I expect Noh to wear a Macbeth t with the all-seeing-eyes logo printed all over it. Bunkface and Faizal Tahir gonna show up with some orthodox jew hats. Yuna then will come on with a high 'sanggul' and a designer dress that will make her look like a fucking nun.

Who else?

Oh. That AF girl will play the lady in red as what have been done by Alyah in the previous year.

Fuck eh?


sastrantizomba said...

semuanya konspirasi!!!!

mungkin kau pun konspirasi. bahaya kau ni.

hahaha. pelik-pelik je teori konspirasi ni. haih.

avid gunner said...

the same goes with me. i don't really get what these conspiracy theorists are trying to tell me. it's either i'm plain idiot or they're no different than other liars.

geeds said...

"when the thing is beyond your reach, don't you dare to fucking talk."

love that part. :)

Anonymous said...

conspiracy. they are too busy with it without realizing they are out of the boundaries.

Hellioz said...

another believer???


Judiene said...

I like google things too.
Whenever I watch something or bump into something that I thought worth googling, I'll google them.
Yeah, I like googling.
And my favourite website is wikipedia coz most of the info coming from there.
So, keep googling dude!

p/s: I like your the AJL stuff you wrote. Hahaha. It's likely gonna happen.

i'msosupernotcool said...

sastraboy: aku pon konspirasi juga.
aku ketua freemason cawangan pantai barat.
elaun pon buleh tahan.

avid: they're plain liar, off course.

geeds: the f thing is an additional.
my mom wont say dat. haha

MATAHARI: and I am too busy to believe. yeah!!

Hellioz: haha. i bet i was the first one to write dis conspiracy.
im predicting the future.
see the nostradamus in me?

Judiene: reading and believing is what an idiot's idiot do.
i mean when the one yang writing tu is idiot.