The Social Network movie review.

Kidding. No Mark Zuckerberg film review. I'll let others do that.

But hey, have any of you watched God on Trial? Google it.

I think one point missing from the movie is how unfair god is in treating all the geeks and super-nerds out there. They're all good, kindhearted, respect the older but still being left with no taste of real pussy. Singular.

And to add insult to injury, some even got knocked up on their first time.

While there, on the other side was an asshole, slurping all the so-called conventional ladies and yet ended up with no fucking responsible to burden with.

So God will put them in hell eh?

Fine. Let's just skip this part. Heh.


Hellioz said...

obe give me that link and shitbrix me literally.


sastraboy said...


funny. its so funny i cant even explain what the hell is funny.


i'msosupernotcool said...

Hellioz: i got dat from ur comment box la.
2 month to doload.

sastraboy: dah kau kenape? lol.

Judiene said...

In my opinion, the geeks and the super-nerd guys will not have a good time during their school time, coz most of them will hardly date a hot girl and will probably end up getting excellent results and no girls.
But things are gonna change once they enter the world of adulthood and start making money with their brains.
And this time, perhaps girls are gonna skip the appearance part.


| Larasephia | said...

the title itself is sure tempting. Hopefully I'll get to watch it one of these days..

eh,u're doing ur internship kan sekarang? how come u're so free? u even get to watch some films! Grrr.. I envy you lah.I barely have time to catch up with weekly desperate housewives while I was doing my practicum.
u're one lucky ass :\

pisey said...

adil la tu. sama2 rasa hell n heaven. ada yg dapat kat dunia. ada yang dapat kat akhirat.


i'msosupernotcool said...

Judiene: yeah. an asshole turnaround.

Larasephia: yeah. watch it. its the last week if im not mistaken.

pisey: indeed.