You, God and Me.

It really is interesting to watch some of you people out there bullshitting about something that I don't even know exist. Yeah, being unknown, it was easy for you to say 'aku sekolah agama dulu, aku tau semua bla bla' and all. Ok. That was me. I'm an ex-boarding-religious-school student.

The one who love to curse, yeah!

'I want to correct you sir' or 'I can't stand it when you're messing with my belief' ideology seem so fucking lame, dude. Just go back home, lock yourself in, get naked, stand in front of your door-sized mirror and think about your previous three days.

Maybe you are one hell of a good guy. Fine. Make it ten days then.

Talk about God, here's an old story by an old friend. I make it as-short-as-you-can-possibly-understand. Hopefully.

Peter is the nicest guy on earth, died in an accident, send to heaven and been rewarded with a Ducati Super 1000 while other heaven-ian use only their barefoot to travel. Because he is the nicest guy in the heaven. Nicest. The angels told him that.

One day while he was full-throttling in the kilometers 80 Seventh Heaven Expressway (SHEW) , he got whipped by a Ferrari. Fucking red-blazin-smokin-hot Ferrari.

He angrily question the angels decision to let other heaven-ian ride a Ferrari when he is undoubtedly the nicest guy on earth and in heaven. All without knowing that it was God driving that limited edition Ferrari.

Haha. God me?

Nope? Fucking go and watch Tron Legacy la.


Anonymous said...

haha, another god version! nice one.

Afyy Van Acker said...
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Anonymous said...

i got it.
maybe not.
i get it within my translation.
and my perspective; the way i look at it.

you will never know how great you are, cause you are not the Perfect one.

thus, one should never say knowing every single things and tag sin and reward by his like, cause he will never know his own destiny.

even if you are the real best above all, Allah still The Almighthy.

Then you decide yours.

Hellioz said...

nice shit.

somebody need to read this story,
if and only if their brain is functioning well to digest.

avid gunner said...

blasphemy at its best.

dewajiwa said...

bet there's no toll on SHEW. lol.
nice guys never complaint. Peter do. no more fast car for you dude.

little ain said...

well, i can see that. you curse a lot. heeee :D

Sir Pök Déng said...

You know a not-so-famous school called SMK AGAMA Kuala Abang, Terengganu? That's my fucking school. Been there for fucking five years.

But yes, my days being a rebellious young man has long passed. I should try to be a good one because one day, I'm gonna fucking married, fuck my wife every night like banging rabbits, have kids and I don't want my kids drag me into hell because I don't do my job as a good father properly.

This is reality. Good people don't say anything. Bad people invent excuse.

Ustaz celup on the other hand listen to nasyid, speak Malay with fake Arabic accent, and read books written by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy.

Avoid ustaz celup, folks!

Judiene said...

Erkk, I don't think I get the whole point of the story.
Are you trying to say that don't think of yourself as the nicest people on earth, coz there's always others who probably nicer that you are.

Dottie with Dots said...

A blog that curse an effin lot. Think i'll visit here more often.

J. Abdullah said...

this can be applied to both obefiend and the serbanistas.

| Larasephia | said...

this is Lol-worthy
trust u on being a radical

NadzFleyVa said...

love it ~ when u said "the one who love to curse , Yeah !"

Cool & simple blog . like it ~