Footcall : To win is to draw yourself a smile.

I never write under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any shit. I too have neither a fucking schizo nor an insomnia. I write of what I think I want. And that's fucking different with writing of what I want.

Because it's what I think I want.

I think football and love have so many things in common.

Winning a match is not the ultimate satisfaction. It's a kick start. It's more like succeeding in asking a girl of her phone number. Or maybe (if you are in a relationship) getting yourself your very first kiss. A long creepy smile but no, you don't cum for that. Not just yet.

There just so much ahead.

Well, I am an always gooner. The one that got their asses beaten last night. Hard. And I am fucking smiling. Fuck.

Hey. It's a kick start, remember?


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

I always write under caffeine influence.

It's also a kick start eh?


Judiene said...

Why, your football team lost last night?