The tribe has spoken.

I'm trimming my blog list to only a few selected number. Which mean, some of you guys who got your blog listed before might not be on the list anymore.

Why? Because I don't think it's necessary for me to list down something that I don't really have time to read (harshly speaking; prefer to read). That really is a hypocrisy considering that, by listing, some might think I read all their stuff while I in fact didn't even bother to click my goddamn mouse to view theirs.

A moral boosting abuse.

So if you guys think that my conduct was interrogating and somehow hurting your feeling, please feel free to unfollow me, delete this blog from your beloved list and flag me up.

Thank you and fuck you.


Sir Pök Déng said...

People follow other people's blog to get more followers afterwards. Like collecting 4,573 friends on Facebook's profile whom you don't even know who they are. No I don't follow their blogs as a reward for following mine. Heck, did I ever follow other people's blogs so far?

Alternatively, I put only a few blogs worth reading into my blogroll list. You're one of them.

Ali Azhar said...

Im just falling for your heart. Your true heart. Stay true bero.

perempuan said...

you're welcome and fuck you too.

Judiene said...

So the blog list, is it trimmed yet?
If it is, thank you my blog still in it.


blogger kerek said...

saye redha bang.

i'msosupernotcool said...

Sir Pök Déng: correct as always mister.

Ali Azhar: lol. im stuttering.

perempuan: ok.

judiene: so you want me to trimmed it again?

blogger kerek: u suppose to say "like i care" or "watever".
baru kerek kan?

Hellioz said...


seroja jingga said...

fuck you too! i still love u dude!