Need and wants.

I want ftsnc to not be just another blog. I want to make something out of it. Something.

I want to have colleagues.

I want to have someone making review of all the available blogshop out there. I want to have one guy spending his evening at Baskin Robbins interviewing that Cik Epal girl. I too want to have someone doing review on the upcoming events for the weekend. I want someone to go out there capturing that cute lookbook.nu users up close.

I want someone to talk shit about the world. Someone who isn't me.

I need a fucking rest.


Judiene said...

Well, it looks like you're gonna need extra cash in your pocket dear.

h.a.n said...

i want it tooooooo

little ain said...

of many girls. why cik epal?


Anonymous said...

of the many blogs, u r the fucking cool. not them.

dish said...

am i reading some hidden meaning or should i take it the way it is?

Oh, i would love to interview cik epal on the habit of female consumerism.

syue sue said...

deep lah. dr dulu sampai skrg i still can't get what you're saying. nicee. or maybe aku yg a bit too slow huahua

Hellioz said...

gwa after little ain.

sila jawab.

sastraboy said...

this is blog is something. haha,

faiq said...

if u pay me a thousand per month..i wil be the one

Anonymous said...

I want to run for next America presidential post.
Barak Omana may give me me a hint one or two.
Would you place your vote to me?

i know.
you wont.
cause that not what i need.

be an America president will prevent me from having my cup of tea and a plate of nasilemak at Hakim Seksyen 7 with you rite?

i still can; with all the bodyguard around.
i simply cant have my supper with peace of mind if people do throw butt/shoes to me while i do my talking.


| Larasephia | said...

why should you?
just take your fucking rest if you want to, then get your ass back in here whenever you feel like coming back
we are here to stay. We'll wait and missing you
we came to read because its you and your stuffs we came to adore ( blush baby, blush!:p) not others.
so PLEASE, just dont allow any othe invaders, please dont let ftsnc becomes yet another "commercial" blog. Just dont.