Sorry. This too isn't sweet as it always be.

I got a friend who was once enjoyable.

But after a few hard time with her ex, he somehow turn into a bored religious-obliged guy. Yeah. Kick me on that. I really mean it.

It's recently when he decided to turn against an invitation of going back home with his boyhood-school-university-class mate. A girl. Not easy on the eyes, he said. As it is not nice for a girl and a guy to be alone in a car of a three hours ride.


This is not a fucking naughty america video that you will both ended up sucking each other's genital.



Fyzal said...

he needs a break I supposed. what we could we.. maybe because of his ex. hard time changes people.ahhh..

blogger kerek said...

ape?! sape die? meh nk masuk minang die

seroja jingga said...

yeah.totally fuck.

dish said...

kau mana tau kalau dia betul-betul ada hard on if the girl is around?

things (may)happen.

lumut said...

budget hebatlah?

i'msosupernotcool said...

Fyzal: yeah. hard times does change people.
i was once.

blogger kerek: dia tak suke orang kerek.
i suppose he like yg ayu je.
so no to u la.

seroja jingga: total. total.

dish: hard on?
ok. dat'll be a serious suprised la.
he spend most of his noon staying at our local mosque.

lumut: bukan bajet. tapi memang lah! haha

Feng Gallagher said...


suka benar saya dengan kejujuran awak.

i mean thats the truth man.